Core Game Concepts

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Good Company is a Game where you run a Business that designs, manufactures and sells Technology Products.

Within the Business, you also:

  • Research more complex Product Components and Modules,
  • Open new Markets to sell more Product Types,
  • perform Business Development to make your Business Crafting and Employees more efficient and effective.

If you don't make a profit, and go bankrupt, Game Over!

You can play solo, against AI opponents or Multiplayer.

There are 3 Game Modes, Freeplay, Gampaign Mission, and Campaign Challenge.

A Game is played on a Map.

A Map includes one or more Buildings.

Buildings may be owned by you at the start of a Game, and/or available for purchase. Buildings once owned/purchased, can never be sold.

On a Map, at least one Building has a Delivery Area at the start of a Game.

Delivery Areas are locations in Buildings where Base Materials can be purchased, and where completed Products, Components, and Modules can be sold.

Base Materials are converted to Components and/or Modules by Employees at Crafting Tables or by Machines.

Components can be combined together to make more complex Modules at Crafting Tables or Machines.

Modules can be combined in a Blueprint Designer to create Products.

Products are built at Assembly Tables by Employees.

Tables and Machines must be placed inside Buildings.


Buildings that are available for purchase may or may not contain a Delivery Area.

Within Delivery Areas, Base Materials are placed daily on Courier Pallets.

Products, Components and Modules are placed on Courier Pallets, from where they can be sold weekly.