Patch 1.0.10

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Source: Reddit Announcements

Version 1.0.10

Beta Date: 19th July 2022

Release Date: 21st July 2022


  • Tool: Adding an ingame calculator that can be accessed by pressing numpad-enter
  • Logistics: Adding warnings to crafter and assembler if there is no inventory connected to it
  • Balancing: Machines can now hold items for up to 20 crafting batches
> only applies for new machines built
  • UI/UX: Added the case module to product tooltips

Bug Fixes

  • Logistics: Machines do not spam belts with items anymore
  • Logistics: In some cases splitter and merger could not be configured anymore
  • General: Careful Handling policy now adds the luck bonus properly
  • General: Centralized Logistics policy was deactivated with researchers in the zone
  • General: Case Synergy policy is now updated whenever crafting recipes are changed from and to cases
  • General: Specialized Team policy now cannot be copied to other zones by moving affected tables

  • Campaign: Removed all remarks and usages of the outdated qualification skills
> may require a new session, employees might have broken skills in old sessions
  • A Happy Taskforce: Module and components focus policies were available twice in business development
> only affects new sessions
  • A Happy Taskforce: Policies affecting happiness are now available
> only affects new sessions
  • A Happy Taskforce: Pipe bot market now requires mobility and can’t be built with negative mobility anymore
> only affects new sessions / new market phases
  • Sandbox Level: All buildings now have ‘entrances’ for employees to leave and find paths to exists
> only affects new sessions