Patch 1.0.11

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Source: Reddit Announcement

Patch Notes 1.0.11

Beta Date: 22nd July 2022

Release Date: 26th July 2022

Major Bug Fixes

  • Logistics: Splitters handled priorities wrong leading to undersupplying certain materials and even causing production stops
  • Zones: When painting over tables with the zone expansion or adding new zones this way, tables and employees kept data/information from their old zone, potentially leading to major problems.


  • Decoration Unlock: Added an info when starting & loading a challenge if there is still an unlock left
  • Decoration Unlock: Changed that levels don’t need to be mastered anymore, one trophy will be enough for each decoration
  • Decoration Unlock: Added more unlocks to the Freeplay that were previously unlocked by certain achievements or seasonal events

Bug Fixes

  • Decoration: Many levels either had wrong or missing decoration unlock information
  • General: Machine Overcharge policy had a broken effect description
  • General: Case Synergy had broken icons in several localisations
  • Returning Home: Fixed missing text on first trophy milestone
  • Returning Home: Kerry had a text with a wrong icon for the construction hotkey
  • Returning Home: Fixed a wrong counter on the task to sell plastic cases
  • Returning Home: Updated the Staff Automation instruction to display correct information for 1.0
  • Merry-Go-Around: Removed dialog triggers for removed text explaining roller bands
  • Merry-Go-Around: Fixed titles of business development nodes
  • Merry-Go-Around: Updated the instruction on how to remove conveyor belts, wrong icons were used
  • Old Rivalry: Fixed an issue where the feature requirements to design a product were displayed multiplied by 10
  • Eyes in the Sky: Added Success Points display
  • Heating-Up: Assembly Speed skill unlock had a broken string displayed