Patch 1.0.12

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Source: Reddit Announcement

Patch Notes 1.0.12

Beta Date: 02nd August 2022

Release Date: 04th August 2022


  • UI/UX: Option to search / filter courier routes
  • UI/UX: Clicking on an employee in the courier routes panel closes the panel and selected the employee
  • A Happy Workforce: Milestone 3 reworked - reduce required Happiness and target decorations
  • A Happy Workforce: Disable optional task in milestone 3 to reduce zone sizes
  • A Happy Workforce: Reduce the required different decorations for interior design achievement from 20 to 10
  • A Happy Workforce: Reduce the wait time for the overtime achievement from 30 days to 7 days.

Bug Fixes

  • General: Plastic, Metal and Wood assembler skills were corrected
  • UI/UX: Calculator does not longer permanently locking the keyboard
  • Campaign: Fixed the situation where milestones were skipped and levels behaved unexpected likely suddenly completed themself
  • Campaign: Achievement for completing 7 challenges did not trigger
  • Topple the Top: Corrected description from 1000 to 500 required bots for the last milestone
  • Heating Up: Correcting the equipment reset function, it actually deleted all equipment now
  • Heating Up: Removing false positive warnings from special pallets
  • Heating Up: Fixing the Triple Ace achievement
  • Eyes in the Sky: Correcting discrepancy between description and target amount for milestones
  • Money Rush: When loading a save game the challenge could not be completed anymore
  • Localization: Competitors now know what a medium contract case contract is called
  • Localization: Correcting names and descriptions of several achievements on steam