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The game can be split in total of three Game Modes.

First of all there is the Campaign which includes Levels and Challenges and then there is the Freeplay available from the main menu which can also be played in Multiplayer.


They usually start with a brief introduction of the Characters that confront you with a narrative wrapped problem, you the new Entrepreneur in Good County, needs to solve. Most of the levels do this by instructing you first to a new Game Concept then build task around this. Each task, also called Milestone is either a simple check, e.g. having a Technology ready, or a counter that expects your to reach a certain target.

Milestones can be only a single item that needs to be fulfilled, or a series of items that are then listed in the Todo-list.

Levels reward you Trophies based on how many milestones you completed. To progress to the next level on the World Map you will need to earn at least one trophy. But the story for the level itself continues usually beyond that first trophy.


Challenges can be found on the World Map just as the levels. But compared to the levels challenges are quite individual with very specific set of rules.

In every of those challenges you have a performance rating depending on the challenge types that defines how many Trophies you can earn, but also your High Scores at the end.


Important to note is that Freeplay is not Sandbox. It is rather a clean start where the players need to actively progress through the game. In Freeplay all Game Concepts are active from the beginning or whenever a certain condition is fulfilled.

While it is not sandbox, you still have the Freeplay Settings to customize your game and can also start it in Multiplayer to play in a company with up to three additional friends.

The main drivers of the freeplay are Competitors, Markets and Progression. For this most of the Maps in the freeplay are bigger than the maps usually found in challenges or levels.